The Virtue Signal

Confidence: How to Learn from Your Failures to Become Attractive and Strong

Real confidence is grounded in honesty, and a humble ability to learn from your failures to become attractive and strong. It’s a character component in short supply today.

Right Angle

Ma Facebook Faces Calls to End Its Monopoly

Mark Zuckerberg went from tech wunderkind, to the kid who can’t be trusted with a secret. Stephen Green asks Bill Whittle and Scott Ott if Facebook has become a behemoth worthy of U.S. anti-trust prosecution, or at least some kind of regulatory restraint. Right Angle is a production of the Bill Whittle Network, a member-supported […]

Bill Whittle Now

Migrant Caravan: Will Trump Stop It?

Is the migrant caravan — headed from Honduras to the U.S. border just in time for election day — a Democrat-sponsored October surprise, and will it backfire? Bill Whittle now goes beyond the simple questions, to the broader question of why, and what to do about it. ‘Bill Whittle Now’ brings you his perspectives on […]