The Virtue Signal

Is Nothing Sacred? Does the Left Have a Single Unshakeable Governing Moral Principle?

In the week of the leak at the U.S. Supreme Court, Bill Whittle asks Zo Rachel if anything is sacred to the Progressive Left.

Right Angle

Jesus the Never-Trumper: Mayor Pete Declares God’s Political Preference

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a leading Democratic candidate for president and professing Christian, usually declares: “God has no political party.” Yet recently he told NBC News that God’s political preference would NOT be the Republican Party in the Trump era. He also had harsh innuendo about Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith. What does this say about Mayor Pete’s character, his theology and his prospects as a 2020 presidential candidate?

Bill Whittle Now

Mayor Pete to VP Pence: God Made Me Homosexual, Argue with Him

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg tells VP Mike Pence that the decision to make Mayor Pete homosexual was God’s and if Pence has a problem with that, he should argue with the Creator. what happens when a professing Christian, open homosexual, claims the imprimatur of God on this lifestyle. Will his claimed Christianity put off Progressives as his declared homosexuality deters conservatives?