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You Suck, So Vote for Us: Democrats Test Deplorables v.2.0 Campaign Theme

After the failure of the “basket of deplorables” candidate, Hillary Clinton, the new field of Democrat presidential candidates and their fellow travelers have decided to double down on insulting the American public whose votes they crave.

Bill Whittle Now

‘Impeach Trump’ Climate Crusader Tom Steyer Offers $100M to Buy White House

Tom Steyer, who has led a two year campaign to impeach President Trump, and devoted years as a climate crusader alarmed at global warming, just announced he’ll spend $100 million to get the Democratic nomination for president. Can Steyer’s billions buy the White House? Should the Democrats pick a wealthy populist outsider to face Trump? How long can Progressives endure a rich, white, male, heterosexual, professing Christian, candidate?



The protests in Wisconsin are just the surface of a far, far larger phenomenon taking place beneath the surface. In this Firewall, Bill examines the three great waves of human civilization, and how what we are seeing in Madison is a war the Unions ultimately cannot win.