Bill Whittle Now

Big Win for ISIS: What Trump Can Do After U.S. Pull-Out from Northeast Syria

Now it looks like a big win for ISIS, but what can President Trump do after the U.S. pull-out from Northeast Syria? The loss of intel on the ground from our abandoned Kurdish allies, the release/escape of terrorist prisoners, and the perception of U.S. apathy, creates conditions for an Islamic State revival. Is there a U.S. position somewhere between warmongering and isolationism?

Right Angle

As Troops Roll: Did Trump Invite Turkey’s Attack Against U.S. Kurdish Allies?

As Turkish troops roll into Northern Syria, attacking the Kurds, erstwhile U.S. alllies in the fight against ISIS, did President Trump’s chaotic approach to the growing conflict invite Turk aggression? Can you support President Trump, but oppose his approach to this conflict?