Bill Whittle Now

Coping with COVID-19: How to Manage Your Fear and Calm Others

Under a barrage of frightening news about the COVID-19 novel Coronavirus, Bill Whittle lays out his coping strategy that allows him to move forward with confidence in the face of fear. How are you coping, and how can you help calm others? Get your FREE Patriot’s Primer on American Liberty. Our Members produce this show, […]

Right Angle

Coronavirus: What You CAN Do to Fight the Most Dangerous Symptom

COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus, poses a danger. But death from respiratory failure is not the most insidious consequence for America. Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green grapple with how to fight off the most dangerous symptom…and it’s something you CAN do. “Un-Fearing the Coronavirus,” the episode of Bill Whittle Now that Scott Ott mentions. […]