Let’s Go, Brandon! Decent Conservatives Now Curse Joe Biden in Public without Dropping F-Bomb

The meme explodes, spawns a cottage industry in t-shirts and the like. Bill Whittle explains why “Let’s Go, Brandon!” resonates so deeply.

Bill Whittle Now

Rage of Icons: Words Fail, Flags and Statues Fall in Wake of George Floyd’s Death

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, protestors find that where words fail, free expression comes as statues of Confederate leaders fall, and their old battle flag comes down. Images and icons have become the medium of rage, and public debate. Can Conservatives connect with a generation nursed on pictures, not words? Bill Whittle’s “Two […]

Right Angle

Victory Lap for America: Trump Roars Over and Onto Daytona 500 Track

Just days after his acquittal on impeachment charges, President Donald Trump takes a literal victory lap for America as Air Force One roars over Daytona 500, and The Beast, his presidential limo, laps the track to the cheers of the NASCAR throng. This means something that the Twitterati and coastal elites can never understand. Right […]