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Donatist Heresy and Leftist Hoax: Replacing Truth with Fake Victimhood

Leftist virtue often comes from victimhood, so Progressive “truth” requires a story of oppression or abuse to give it credibility. Thus, the victimhood hoax has become more common than rational argument on the Left, since rationality lacks the emotional punch to break through the noise and hit the heart. Bill Whittle conjures Richard ‘Wretchard the Cat’ Fernandez to explain the connection between Leftist hoax and the ancient Donatist Heresy.

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“Shut Up, Martina!” Transgenders Explained

Leftists grand slam a world champion tennis star for saying biological males shouldn’t compete against women in sport. Stephen Green leads Bill Whittle and Scott Ott in defense of Martina Navratilova. ‘Right Angle’ gets produced and distributed by Members. You can join the citizen-producer team at