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Air Travel Not Riskier: Cabin Air Treated Like Medical-Grade Isolation Room

Joseph Allen, Harvard professor of exposure assessment, says there’s a safe path for return to air travel in the age of COVID-19, in large part because cabin air gets circulated and filtered like a medical-grade isolation room under CDC guidelines. Read Joseph Allen’s piece in the Washington Post: “Airplanes Don’t Make You Sick. Really.“ This […]

Right Angle

Social Disease Epidemic: Study Reveals Our Bipolar View on Success and Fame

A new study shows almost everyone thinks that almost everyone desires fame. But the survey also shows that almost no one craves it for himself. Instead, the vast majority say they believe that personal success means “following your interests and talents to be the best you can be at something you love.”


WHY JOHNNY CAN’T THINK: Progressive Education’s Toll on Millennial Minds

When confronted with their shocking ignorance of basic information, the Millennials always reply with “We can just Google it.” But the problem is not that they can’t find the answers. The problem is they don’t know what questions to ask.