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CNN’s Dana Bash Dishes on Power, Sex, and Fame for New NBC Drama ‘The Hill’

CNN’s anchor and political correspondent, Dana Bash, signs on as a consulting producer for the new NBC drama ‘The Hill’, that focuses on “the supercharged intersection of media and Capitol Hill where everything is transacted: information, sex, love, fame and power.” This intersection of CNN and Hollywood gets trumpeted in, an entertainment industry ‘trade paper’. Is this a conflict of interest for CNN, or just a way for the veteran journalist’s credibility to enhance the accuracy of the fictional drama series?

Right Angle

Red Yenta! Socialist Dating App Helps Slackers of the World Unite

Hot new dating app, Red Yenta, pairs idealistic socialists to fight “non-consensual power dynamics,” and perhaps for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek. Slackers of the world unite! Will this business of bringing together passionate anti-capitalists raise a mountain of venture capital, or will the hyper-political pitch raise red flags for investors?