Bill Whittle Now

Trump Justice Undercuts Tell-All Book by Anonymous “Resistance” Senior Official

The Justice Department tries to force a book publisher to reveal the Anonymous author of last year’s “resistance” op-ed in the New York Times before “A Warning” from the unknown senior administration official comes out on November 19.


FEAR AND JUSTICE: Firewall with Bill Whittle

After a decade of justice denied — under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Brennan, James Comey, and others — Bill Whittle thinks he now detects a whiff of fear among those in that cabal. Former CIA Director John Brennan, usually a cool calculating man, seems frightened about the probe into how the Russia collusion investigation began.

Right Angle

Ex-CIA Boss Got “Bad Information”, Now “Relieved” Trump Not a Criminal

Ex-CIA boss John Brennan — who spent two years lambasting President Trump’s “malfeasance and corruption” — now tells Morning Joe he got “bad information”. Now that the Mueller probe is done, and Trump cleared, Brennan says he’s “relieved” that the U.S. president wasn’t part of a criminal conspiracy with Russia.