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‘Joker’ Slammed for Song That’s Played by Every High School Band, Penned by Pedophile

Gary Glitter’s classic song ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’ plays in a key scene of the new ‘Joker’ movie with Joaquin Phoenix. An outcry arises over its inclusion because Mr. Glitter (AKA Paul Francis Gadd) is a convicted pedophile. But that same iconic tune is on the playlist of nearly every high school and college marching band in the nation.

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Joker: The Moral Punch of Near-Pornographic Violence in 2019’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’

Stephen Galloway at offers praise for the near-pornographic violence in the new film, ‘Joker’ with Joaquin Phoenix. Like Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 ‘A Clockwork Orange’, which garnered an X rating, and a public outcry, the visceral impact of Joker sickens, yet packs a moral punch unlike anything in recent memory.