Right Angle

Island of Fire: Does Trump’s Destruction of ISIS Remnant Shatter Obama Recruiting Theory?

U.S.-led military coalition, with help from Iraqi Counter-Terrorism forces, carpet bombs what may be the last major concentration of ISIS fighters — the previously-dominant “Islamic State,” reduced to a desperate remnant, hiding on an island in the middle of a river. In seconds the ISIS refuge became an island of fire.

Bill Whittle Now

Shooting Down Conspiracy Theories about U.S. War with Iran

With tensions rising in the middle east — in the wake of Iran shooting down a U.S. drone — Bill Whittle addresses the conspiracy theories about the potential of U.S. war with Iran. From false flag attacks, to neocon or Jewish saber-rattling, to war-for-profit by the military industrial complex, Bill addresses the accusations of Progressives, and even of Trump supporters.