Right Angle

New Reports Suggest Last Year’s Conspiracy Theories about COVID and Election May Be True

ABC News comes now with a story that the COVID-19 virus may have emerged from a Chinese lab — an idea laughable just last year when Trump-backers advanced it.

Bill Whittle Now

Trump on ‘the Hydroxy’: Should President Tell Us He Takes Unapproved Drug?

President Trump says he takes ‘the hydroxy’ — hydroxychloroquine — despite the fact that the FDA has not approved any treatment or preventative medication for COVID-19. Should the president tell us he takes an unapproved drug with risk of deadly side effects? Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott is a production of our Members. Join […]

The Stratosphere Lounge

The CoronaSphere Lounge Episode 15: The Immunity Syndrome

COVID-19 immunity is not just a biological issue. Very soon it is going to become a legal one as well.