The Stratosphere Lounge

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 245

Recorded live before a global audience on 02/13/20

Bill Whittle Now

Shut Up, Steven Crowder! YouTube Progressive Speech Code Crackdown

YouTube demonetized popular conservative comic commentator Steven Crowder, in a crackdown on so-called “hate speech.” But are social media anti-cyberbullying efforts just a discriminatory Progressive speech code designed to make conservative voices shut up? Is YouTube obligated to pass on advertising dollars to any creator, no matter how abhorrent his ideas or hateful his speech?

Right Angle

Right Angle – How To Survive On Social Media – 09/07/17

Glenn Beck was recently forced to lay off many people from his media organization. Scott Ott highlights how conservative media has a tough time getting off the ground and up and running even though there are many conservatives in the media business. How can conservative media survive? What are the necessary steps for there to […]