Bill Whittle Now

The Big Yang Theory: Study Shows $500/Month Free Money Makes People Happy

First results from a universal basic income (UBI) study in Stockton, California, shows that free money makes people happy, and that they spend most of it on basic needs like food and utilities, rather than on drugs, alcohol or gambling. Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs wants his $500 per month stipend experiment done statewide.

Right Angle

Darwin’s Demon: Tech Devolution Makes Your Grandchild Look Like ‘Mindy’

Will smartphones and other technology make your grandchild look like ‘Mindy’ — a tech-driven dsytopian vision of species devolution with a pronounced hunch, thickened skull, extra eyelid, ‘tech claw’ and other adaptations that conjure a creature which might be called Darwin’s demon. Some say Mindy already walks among us.