Right Angle

It’s ALIVE! and Making Babies! Man-Made Xenobots Reproduce with Their Pac-Man Mouths

Stephen Green’s legendary Lightning round goes boldly where angels fear to tread.

Bill Whittle Now

Busted by Justice Report, James Comey Stills Thinks He’s an FBI Hero

Former FBI Director James Comey gets busted by a new Inspector General report from the Justice Department, for taking home classified documents related to President Trump. The report says Comey knowingly violated FBI rules and his employment agreement, setting a bad example for 35,000 Bureau staffers. So far, no criminal charges. Bill Whittle says this story is much worse than it looks.


The Mueller Investigation: Mission Accomplished

Host Bill Whittle shows how the Mueller probe did EXACTLY what it was designed to do, and goes on to show how this is the third divisive, premeditated lie perpetrated on the American people in the last calendar year.