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This is CNN Minus: New Paid Streaming Service Massively Underwhelms Expectations

McKinsey consultants projected 2 million people would subscribe to CNN+ at $6/month, but only about 10,000 have signed up for a free trial so far. How could such smart business minds be so massively wrong? Can you hear James Earl Jones intone “THIS is CNN Minus”? Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle create 2,600 […]

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Bernie Sanders Claims He’s a Better Sort of Socialist than Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders admits to Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he’s a socialist, but so is Donald Trump. However, Bernie’s socialism benefits the working man, and Trump’s socialism only helps billionaires. Are corporate tax breaks, corporate welfare, and legal tax-dodging deals just another way of redistributing the wealth — robbing the poor to give to the […]