The Virtue Signal

Money, Money, Money: If Everyone Started with $500,000 How Much Would You Have in 5 Years?

In a capitalist society, why are so many people ignorant about money and what can you do about it?

Bill Whittle Now

Success Shaming: Mayor Pete Outed for Private-Sector Work, Forced to Explain

His Democrat presidential rivals have outed Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his private-sector work as a McKinsey consultant, and forced him to explain it away. Will success shaming catapult Democrats to victory in 2020, or are there still enough Democratic voters who don’t work for government to steer the party away from bashing business — the engine that enables government to give away free college, free health care and more?

Right Angle

Scientists Uncover the First Socialist

Homo erectus was too lazy to survive, employing only “least effort strategies,” according to archaeologists. Meanwhile, Homo sapiens worked hard to thrive. What does this new discovery tell us about today? Scott Ott, hosts Bill Whittle and Stephen Green, in this episode of ‘Right Angle’, brought to you by the members at Subscribe and […]