The Virtue Signal

Juneteenth: Republican National Holiday

Democrats take credit for Juneteenth, and place the blame for institutional racism on Republicans. What a flippin’ flip! Zo Rachel clears the record.

Bill Whittle Now

NY Times Blames Whittle, Crowder, Shapiro, Molyneux, YouTube, for Making Alt-Right Radical

The NY Times finds a troubled young college dropout who claims YouTube turned him from Liberal to Alt-Right radical — that he was “brainwashed” by YouTube’s recommendation algorithm which led him ever deeper into the right-wing “rabbit hole.” The Times illustrates the story with a collage of commentators, including Bill Whittle, Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro, implying they’re culpable for the brainwashing. Bill Whittle reacts to this new, libelous, effort by a Progressive flagship to shut down freedom of speech.

Right Angle

Here Comes Trouble

The South African government begins confiscating land from white people. Stephen Green looks at the land of the vicious pendulum, and asks ‘What would Mandela do?’ Subscribe and become a patron-producer spreading the message of liberty around the world, in an entertaining way. Members get an extra episode each week, plus a Backstage video-pass […]