These 3 War Stories Show Conservative Path to Victory Over Progressivism

Bill Whittle draws three examples from the history of warfare to map a strategy for success of Conservatives against the societal devastation of Progressivism.

Right Angle

Trump Takes Over RNC to Run Operation 2020

Will Donald Trump’s business savvy mean the RNC finally knows how to run an election operation, or has the president coopted the party to shut down primary competition? Scott Ott leads Bill Whittle and Stephen Green to consider the opportunities and challenges of Trump at the helm of the GOP. To join the people who […]

Bill Whittle Now

D.C. vs. America: ‘War Machine’ Targets Trump

Bill Whittle explains why Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol is cranking up a ‘war machine’ to primary President Trump. [:40 second clip] Watch this full episode of Bill Whittle Now: Become a citizen-producer of content like this: