Statues Down, Hollywood You’re Next: Plus Teachers Demand to Defund the Police

Stephen Green brings his artisinally-selected top (and bottom) headlines of the week to Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, and you, dear viewer. Topics include…

00:28 | Tearing down statues is the Left’s way to appease the mob without making any real reforms.

05:27 | An Egyptian says instead of complaining that Jews control the world, Muslims should follow their example of excellence.

06:53 | Hollywood frets as activists come after the stars with accusations of racism and the sharp sword of cancel culture.

11:04 | Los Angeles teachers union demands include defund the police, Medicare for all, and a ban on new charter schools.

15:12 | Thomas Sowell tells Mark Levin our obsequious reaction to mob violence may have taken us to the point of no return.

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