Squelching Campus Unrest National Champions!

Bill’s Alma Mater, the University of Florida, has taken a decidedly anti-Columbia stance toward the wave of campus unrest spreading across the nation. It has issued a clearly-worded memorandum of what will and will not be tolerated, and best of all — mirabile dictu! — it has real teeth when it comes to enforcement: a THREE YEAR SUSPENSION for students and IMMEDIATE TERMINATION for prog-fessors!  Who knew restoring order could be so easy… except for every conservative in the country, obviously?

Listen here on Soundcloud:

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May 16, 2024 4:14 PM


Keith Jackson
May 8, 2024 11:56 AM

As a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, still scarred from the Spurrier days, it’s tough to admit. The University of Florida owns the day today.

Keith Jackson
May 8, 2024 11:45 AM

I think we should put these protesters to work delivering aid to the Gaza Strip. The cold reality of the problem is too real there to ignore. The Palestinians support Hamas overwhelmingly, the same Hamas that blocks food and medical aid to the Palestinian population that is not actively fighting with Hamas and keeps it for themselves. They will learn that the Palestinians actively support raping Isreali women until they die and burning Jewish babies, not to mention condoning “honor killings” of women and gays.

David B
May 8, 2024 10:02 AM

Joey “da sniffer” B has $2 bazillion of our tax dollars set aside to pay student loans. HERE is how I suggest those funds be spent” repair all the damage done Jewish students get loans paid first (discrimination against them can only be fairly treated by discrimination FOR them). ONLY students NOT involved in protests or rioting will be considered for loan payment. Sorry, Jewish students, if you engaged in counter protests this eliminates you. any funds left will be put in interest bearing accounts to pay for futile actions of “unrest.” Feel open to add to this list. “Bazillions”… Read more »

Kertis Peterson
May 8, 2024 8:19 AM

Here is the best speech I have heard in a really long time. It is the speech by Israel’s UN Ambassador to the General Assembly. 22 minutes of truth to enjoy:

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May 7, 2024 7:36 PM

What remains to be seen is if any of these disorderly punks promoting the cause of murdering savages have the courage of their own convictions to defy the clearly stated openly published university rules. If they do that then the university has to back up those words with decisive action. I’ve noticed a tendency in the modern world for people to think that words are enough. Words without action supporting them are just empty noise. Strong words require strong action to give them any meaning. Strong warnings that are not carried through with the promised action are worse than no… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by ACTS (TM)
May 7, 2024 7:29 PM

Two words …

Kent State

Go ahead and play your silly games, you forget what happens when those games get out of hand and “stuff happens”. FAFO

Brian Vogel
May 7, 2024 6:56 PM

Unfortunately, Scott, such behavior in the adult world is countenanced. Look at the idiots who block traffic or deface artwork in museums and the police stand by but do not forcibly remove the protestors. To me, if you are dumb enough to glue yourself to something, you are going to probably leave some skin behind when we pull you away and arrest you.

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Brian Vogel
May 7, 2024 9:22 PM

Did you see what happened when these types glued themselves to the floor of a factory (Porsche or VW) in Germany? That was great.

John Sullivan
May 7, 2024 4:06 PM

I would add expulsion, no refund of tuition and expunging of all previous credits.
All foreign students on student visas shall be transported to their nations nearest consulate, expelled from the country and declared Persona non Grata. I’m an old softie.

Barbara Hanson
Reply to  John Sullivan
May 8, 2024 6:24 AM

UCLA rioters used continuous strobe lights to blind the police. The grafitti was horrendous and sprayed on everything inside and outside the building. And what about the face masks, gas masks, helmets and other gear the rioters were wearing, making it harder for the police to handle those being arrested.I think those prohibitions should be in the rules also. Otherwise, good on ya!!

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
May 7, 2024 3:36 PM

As a public university, I do wonder who in the Governor’s office called to aid the Chancellor in the clarity of this message. Either way, this was quite epic.

Also, i did like that the Chancellor of UNC had the palestine flag pulled down and the American flag put back up, right before the Frat Bros had to storm in to protect the flag that the “protesters” were pulling down again.

FAFO indeed.