Shower Together to Save Energy Says Government Official, Plus ‘Beyond Meat’ Exec Goes Paleo

The Swiss Environment Minister suggests you shower together to help cut energy usage by 15 percent, and the COO of ‘Beyond Meat’ takes a bite out of an Uber driver. All of this and more on Steve Green’s Lightning Round LXI.

This week’s topics….

00:20 Russia removes Black Sea submarine fleet away from Crimea.
03:15  Swiss environment minister suggests people shower together to save energy
06:29 COO of ‘Beyond Meat’, the fake meat purveyor, goes paleo, biting some flesh from the nose of an Uber driver after an Arkansas football game. He threatens to kill another driver.
08:55 McDonald’s CEO, sick of crime-ridden Chicago, suggests moving the hamburger chain’s corporate headquarters. Will Texas welcome the Golden Arches?
12:25 Venmo and PayPal ban ‘Gays Against Groomers’, whose mission is to safeguard children from abuse.


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