In response to many of the comments listed below:

My friends,

We are not throwing in the towel, we are not giving up and we are not weakening our resolve. We are trying to remain sane in a world that is driving us past outrage into insanity. This was an act of kindness and decency — not on the part of George Soros, or the DNC, or CNN — but rather on the part of three citizens who felt they were Americans before they were Democrats.

I am sick and tired of losing this country to communists and traitors. But I am not willing to sell out the future of America due to my personal pride and genuinely acquired outrage. I will NEVER compromise my conservative principles, and someone is going to have to explain to me how recognizing people who put country ahead of party is something to sneer and spit at.

The Democratic Party, as it exists today, is a party of genuine evil: systemic corruption, race wars, and the flouting of the rule of law, and downright treason. But that does not mean that every Democrat is in favor of these things. The are millions of Democrats in the military, the police, fire departments and all the rest. Inside most modern democrats is a conservative struggling to get out. I aim to make that process easier, not harder.

I WANT TO WIN, and I want to do it without losing my soul. And if you, too, want to win without stooping to doing ANYTHING to win, then you need to face the reality that until we do what Reagan did — broaden the base cheerfully and confidently — then this last-stand, fight-to-the-last bullet bitterness is destroying our chance to recover the country we were given because of personal pride and anger.

The spiritual founder of our Republican party said, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” He did NOT say “I’m going to compromise my principles in order to make friends.” He was interested in the best way to DESTROY HIS ENEMIES. In addition, Lincoln was practically unique among politicians because HE COULD PERFORM BASIC ADDITION: Destroying an enemy eliminates one vote; CONVERTING an enemy destroys that same vote AND ADDS ONE TO YOUR OWN COLUMN.

If Lincoln, and Reagan, were willing to swallow their pride and outrage in order to save America then that is good enough for me. Generosity where called for in response to chivalry is not only the right thing to do; it is the SMART thing to do and I, for one, have had enough of watching stupid.

I continue, as ever, to hold all of you in the very highest regard despite this disagreement.


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