Portland Rioters Skate: Did Federal Prosecutors Fold in the Face of Lawlessness?

Stephen Green ambushes Scott Ott and Bill Whittle with weird and wild stories of the week.

Topics and time cues…

00:34 Most Portland riot suspects won’t be prosecuted on Federal charges because the office can’t handle the case load.

02:10 DCist.com overhears a comment that he’d stop wearing a face mask but he doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s a Republican.

05:46 A record 34 percent of all household income in the U.S. now comes from the government — $8.1 trillion annualized — in large part due to the COVID-19 relief payments.

10:17 College students of color claim soap dispensers are evidence of systemic racism.

14:37 Hundreds of parents in Vail, Arizona, show up to protest mask mandates in school. School Board members vacate the building. What the parents allegedly did next was astounding. [NOTE: USA Today fact-checks this story.] 

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