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George Soros has devoted $34 billion to creating this nightmare post-11/3 scenario. Early voting, a corrupt media, and elected officials who actively work to destroy the credibility of our elections — all of it has the massive support of Soros. He’s delighted when the American people question the foundation of our government, the durability of our Constitution, and the sanctity of our ballots.

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Mouschwicz and Duckau: Disney's Mulan Thanks Genocidal Communist Chinese Authorities
Mouschwicz and Duckau: Disney’s Mulan Thanks Genocidal Communist Chinese Authorities

Disney’s Mulan promises a live action version of its animated classic, but controversy erupts over the film credits which thank Communist Chinese authorities, including those in the city of Turpan, in Xinjiang. Turpan’s concentration camps and forced sterilization of Uyghur people conjures genocidal campaigns of the past, but at least Disneyland Shanghai doesn’t feel the pinch.

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