New Trump Homeland Power to Grab Your Photo Entering or Leaving USA

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UPDATE: After we recorded and posted this, we learned that the Trump administration has withdrawn the proposal. The episode is still worth the watching, since we must remain ever vigilant against such incursions under any administration. Here’s a link to a WaPo story about the withdrawal

The Trump administration proposes to grab your photo anytime you enter or leave the USA. This new power comes at a time when China builds facial profiles from DNA samples to target ‘dangerous’ minorities, your phone makes a 3-D map of your face, and Edward Snowden’s new book — Permanent Record — shows how the NSA sweeps up all data and stores it forever. Where’s the Republican party that stood for individual rights? Does the GOP’s law-and-order inclination send it down the slippery slope to supporting a ubiquitous surveillance state?

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