Naked Power: Man Strip-Searched for Taking a Walk During COVID-19 Lockdown

A man in Wales wanders too far from home during COVID-19 lockdown and runs afoul of the naked power of government. This story and more weirdness on Steve Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round. See the entire archive.

Topics and time cues…

00:26 Man strip-searched for taking a walk too far from home, breaking lockdown rules.

03:54 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams NYPD $75,000 robotic police dog for racism.

06:24 Geraldo Rivera seems to defend Gov. Andrew Cuomo against sexual harassment allegations as 3rd accuser arises.

11:54 Communist China accidentally gives U.S. diplomats anal COVID-19 test “in error” according to U.S. officials.

13:37 Cartoon Network/YouTube PSA tells kids not to see color.

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