Media Heavy Breathing Over Trump Heavy Breathing and Gov. Newsom’s High-Tech Eating Mask

Right Angle’s week-in-review merciless-ambush show brings you hot-takes (and sharp humor) on stories you wish you could forget.

This time, Steve Green’s Lightning Round topics include…

00:39 Fifteen percent of Tibet’s population transferred to Chinese forced labor camps.

04:29 Trump’s heavy breathing after return to White House: media mania or unforced error by White House communication team?

06:45 Out at a restaurant? Wear your mask in between bites. That’s the message from California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Twitter. Bill Whittle unboxes Newsom’s high-tech eating mask.

09:23 Virginia department of elections tells voters to contact post office if they dropped off ballots in particular boxes. Every vote counts if you can get it counted.

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