Limbaugh Gone, Impeachment’s a Joke and Teachers Fear the Monsters They Woke

Bill Whittle breaks down fundamental principles needed for Moving Back to America, in light of this week’s news.

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00:00 Mr. Unimpeachable has been a magnet for people who feel their government no longer belongs to them. Former President Trump has shown us how openly-disdainful the political elites are about governance by the people. Now impeachment’s a joke.

02:23 “Racist” has been used so often that it no longer has meaning. No one is inherently evil or good on account of his skin color. Anyone who tells you other wise is playing an extortion game.

04:56 Rush Limbaugh wasn’t just a giant — he was OUR giant. He was a voice for the powerless and voiceless. He steeled us with the recognition that the enemies of freedom perpetually work to demoralize us.

06:53 Harvard University students demand the university revoke the degrees of anyone who offends them. This behavior was learned in childhood, and fashions them into delicate monsters. The teachers who, with the parents, created them have the most to fear from them.

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