Lightning Round LIX: Theatre for Neurotic White People by Neurotic White People…That’s Woke

Steve Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round LVIV is not, as you might assume, a show recorded in the largest city in Western Ukraine, but rather a demonstration of why we don’t use Roman numerals for anything but Super Bowls and Lightning Rounds anymore.

Topics included in Lightning Round LIX

  • University of Pennsylvania nominates born-male swimmer Lea Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year
  • Vice President Kamala Harris and California Gov. Gavin Newsom position themselves for the 2024 Democratic nomination should Biden decline to run. But would they run even if he does?
  • Portland Antifa to host summer camp for kids…really. Does every Babylon Bee headline eventually come true?
  • Gender activists push anthropologists to stop identifying discovered remains as male or female. After all, how could we know how ancient Homo identified?
  • The more critics say that Ron DeSantis is just like Trump (but smarter, nicer and not a womanizer), the more his star will rise as a 2024 presidential prospect. They think the comparison hurts DeSantis.

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