Lightning Round: Kamala Harris Pantsuit Joke Gets Conservative Radio Host Canned

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Lightning Round LIV topics include…

Los Angeles to spend $3 billion to house homeless — about $51,000 on each person, which is roughly the median income in the U.S.. What will L.A. taxpayers (and homeless folks) get for that money?

Angry Mom who confronts New York City Mayor Eric Adams on the toddler mask mandate and gets fired within the hour. This, in the city where you can say “Gay” as much as you want.

Palm Springs City Council will pay 20 transgender or non-binary residents up to $900/month in a Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment. Will they use the funds to dress for success?

Radio station WMAL cans conservative host Amber Athey over joke about Vice President Kamala Harris’ pantsuit. What can a brown joke do for you? Get you fired.

Truth Social execs (get) quit, perhaps over delayed and defective rollout of Donald Trump’s social media app. Is Trump too reluctant to say “You’re fired”? 

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