Lightning Round: Hey Joe! How Many Americans Actually Remain in Collapsing Afghanistan?

It’s Lightning Round gotcha-journalism time, as Stephen Green ambushes Bill Whittle and guest-host Zo Rachel with the top (and bottom) stories of the week to get their hottest takes.

This time, topics include…

  • 200 to 9,000 Americans may remain in the collapsing terrorist territory of Afghanistan. Hey Joe! How many is it? Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman says we have Americans who get stranded in countries all the time. So…no big deal?
  • Antarctic sea ice growing. Can we cancel the war on the economy that is global warming panic.
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom praises “journalistic integrity” from registered Chinese Communist ‘news’ organ.
  • American university offers separate ‘safe space’ classrooms for African-American students. Do we need a new word for segregation, or can we keep the one the Left used the last time they were doing it?

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