“Let’s Go, Brandon!” as Hate Speech & California Teacher Brands Texans as “Complete Idiots”

Steve Green’s hot take Lightning Round ambushes Bill Whittle and Scott Ott with the following issues…

  • California high school quiz asks students if Texans and Fox News are “a group of complete idiots”.
  • Why are the media treating “Let’s Go, Brandon!” as hate speech?
  • Texas fills border barrier gaps with shipping containers to channel migrants into areas where more border patrol agents are available.
  • We’re having a gas crisis, so let’s shut down oil pipelines. We’re having a crime wave so let’s shut down prisons and defund police. We’re having a healthcare crisis, so let’s fire the healthcare workers. And we’re having a pandemic, so let’s open the borders.
  • Producer price inflation jumps 8.6% year over year matching the largest increase on record.

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