Largest Baptist Group Dropping ‘Southern’: Caving to BLM or Building Gospel Bridges?

Prominent churches and leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) are increasingly dropping the ‘Southern’ and referring to themselves as ‘Great Commission Baptists’, to reflect their global scope, and to build bridges for the gospel of Christ. But the timing leads the Washington Post to suggest that the name change has more to do with the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement.

Convention president J.D. Greear says Jesus was “not a White Southerner, but a brown-skinned Middle-Eastern refugee” and “we worship a savior who died for the whole world, not one part of it. What we call ourselves should make that clear.

Background Resource:
Prominent Southern Baptists Are Dropping Southern Name Amid Racial Unrest
[Houston Chronicle via Washington Post, September 15, 2020]

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