James ‘Avatar’ Cameron Says Testosterone is a Toxin You Have to ‘Work Out of Your System’

Avatar (and Titanic, and Aliens) director James Cameron says his days of F-bomb laden fights with movie executives are behind him.

“A lot of things I did earlier, I wouldn’t do — career-wise and just risks that you take as a wild, testosterone-poisoned young man,” he says, declining to specify further. “I always think of [testosterone] as a toxin that you have to slowly work out of your system.”

— James Cameron to The Hollywood Reporter

The vegan director’s new movie, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water‘ comes out this week, in hopes of topping his world-beating numbers from the original.

Alfonzo Rachel and Bill Whittle go off on a manly rant against Cameron’s misattribution of the cause of his past immaturity and bad behavior. 

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