Homicides Spike up to 800%: The Year of COVID-19 and ‘Defund the Police’ Takes a Toll

Homicides spike from 38% to 800% in cities across the country in 2020 — the year of COVID-19 and ‘Defund the Police’. Bill Whittle and Zo Rachel endure ambush journalism from Stephen Green in another legendary episode of Lighting Round.

Topics and time cues…

00:42 CNN loses 70% of viewers since President Trump left office.

04:22 Homicides up 38% – 800% in major cities in 2020

08:19 “My Body – My Choice” — NJ students co-opt Leftist slogan against Rutgers University.

14:19 Chinese Communist Party pays millions of dollars to U.S. newspapers.

17:00 Biden State Department shuts down probe of Wuhan Virology Lab link to COVID-19 outbreak. [NOTE: This episode was recorded just before President Biden asked intelligence agencies to re-double their efforts to discover the source of the outbreak, including the possibility that the virus emerged from the Wuhan laboratory.]

Right Angle comes to you 20 times each month thanks to our paying Members. Special thanks this week to Zo Rachel, co-host of The Virtue Signal, for pinch-hitting for Scott Ott this week.

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