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This is Your Country
This is Your Story

Powerless, voiceless, alone, frustrated (even angry) and unable to stop the slide of this once-great nation toward a dreary, collectivist future. 


We hear it daily from the kind of people who built this country, who sacrificed to keep her free, who with grit and courage overcame desperate circumstances to create a life that’s unique in world history, and still the envy of most of humanity.


You hear lies peddled as “my truth,” see heroes reduced to icons of shame, and “the people’s House” turned into a wasteland of corrupt craven ambition.


In the midst of this desert of cultural decay, you stand heartsick…but determined.

Progressives Sweep the Republic
Destroy What Makes America Great

From its beginning, the American idea — individual liberty with equal justice under law — has endured attacks from those who think they know what’s best for you, and from those who want to make you pay for their failure. They never stop working to take away your power, your decisions, your money, your family, and your way of life.


They centralize, nationalize, and secularize, everything in their path, destroying your individual liberty, taking your personal property, seeking to control what you can hear, say, think and worship.

You Are All That Stands in Their Way
and At Long Last the Tide Is Turning

When they controlled the three news networks, the few national newspapers, Hollywood, public schools, and academia, nothing could stop them from creating an anti-American narrative and driving it deep into the minds of a people who soon came to believe that America’s best days were behind her (and that America’s exceptional history was actually a stain on humanity). 


But that was before the internet decentralized messaging, before charter schools and homeschooling broke the bondage of the mind, before free markets made video production so widespread that one man can be a studio executive, content creator and leader of a rebel force.

Bill Whittle is Not the Hero We Need
That Hero is Reading This Right Now

Conservatives have long faced a dilemma: We seek individual liberty, and we tend to lionize those who proclaim it well, exalting them above their peers. But the heart of conservatism is the liberty of the common man.


We don’t need another hero. We have you.


While Bill Whittle speaks truth with power and passion, this movement he aggressively advances is not about the man in front of the camera or at the public podium.


It’s about the person who reads this right now.


You are the future of a movement that defeats Progressive oppression and restores American exceptionalism. You have the heart, the mind, and the tools, to advance our destiny in the mighty irresistible stream of liberty. 


Bill Whittle created this platform for you to spread these ideas, both through sharing videos, and through honing your own ability to express them. We’ve created a Members-only blog as a both a training arena, and a refuge for mutual encouragement by a band of rebels fighting the good fight. 

Join the Winning Resistance Now
And Finally Find Your People

You are not alone. A vibrant, engaged, intelligent, and active, band of brothers and sisters awaits you on the other side. 


Take the next step to bring your convictions and values to the fight for our happy future as a Republic of scrappy individuals, pursuing their dreams as they bless others. 


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