Hey, NY Times! Meet the Kind of “Radicals” Who Join a Private Conservative Enclave

In the wake of The New York Times story “The Making of a YouTube Radical” — that tarred Bill Whittle, Stephen Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson and others — it’s time for “the paper of record” to meet some of the real Members of a private Conservative video enclave. (Progressives prepare to be shocked.) Rather than a monolithic demographic cluster of old, white, heterosexual men, we find a cross-section of America. The common bond is not race, sex, religion, sexuality, age, or even support or President Trump, but a set of ideas that have spawned the most free, vibrant, prosperous, healthy and happy society in the history of Earth.

“Free speech that I may disagree with is always better than censored speech that I do agree with.”
— Chris G., Member at BillWhittle.com

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