Going to the Movies (Updated)

** The original file has some sort of corruption at around the four minute mark. I spot check the first several seconds of the files before I send out the link. Not sure what happened but I apologize for the fault. ** 

Movie theater attendance has been trending down for decades, and took a near-fatal hit after Covid-19. So what are the big theater chains doing to get people back into seats? Why, encouraging them to use their cell phones more often! What could possibly go wrong?

Listen here on Soundcloud:

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Fluffy Goat
December 21, 2023 6:07 AM

Hey Scot, I think carry a cell phone that way started w/ women holding their phone resting on top of their pushed up and squished together cleavage. Used to see that a lot in Los Angeles in the summer.

Fluffy Goat
December 21, 2023 6:05 AM

This is half the reason, well 1/3 of the reasons I don’t goto theaters.

Witty Fool
December 20, 2023 7:58 PM

A dear friend and I splurged to watch American Sniper at a fancy-pants theatre. We boldly ordered cocktails during the trailers. We ordered hors-d’oeuvres which were delivered as the show started…
What a mistake.
Stark poverty in some distant dusty country where children die for adult motives even we can’t understand..
Yeah, sure, you betcha. Top up that Mich Ultra [old-fashioned, margarita, chardonnay]..or NOT!!
Should have taken a selfie, I guess..

December 18, 2023 6:55 AM

(The Rumble/YouTube video is truncated but the SoundCloud audio is intact and complete. Being as you don’t actually need the video component to get this content that’s a satisfactory workaround.) I hardly ever go to a theater anymore. The last time was a couple years before COVID hit so that should put my enthusiasm for theater-going in perspective. I pretty much quit going to theaters because it’s an environment where one or two people can ruin a comparatively expensive experience for everyone else. I remember waiting for the first installment of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of… Read more »

Donald Lehoux
December 18, 2023 5:21 AM

there are “cell phone blockers” that block the signal of phones and that should be mandatory in ALL schools and movie theaters.

Reply to  Donald Lehoux
December 18, 2023 6:28 AM

I’d give that 100 “thumbs up” if I could.

David Pimentel
December 18, 2023 3:57 AM

Operator!? We was cut off! Room 321 please.

Keith Jackson
December 17, 2023 8:16 PM

Yep, an Asian and a black guy talking 4″ in.
Talk about not respecting boundaries!

Mark Holland
December 17, 2023 7:17 PM

4 min into video, got some kid playing video games live…

Chuck Kretzmann
December 17, 2023 6:48 PM

I see the audio only version is 14:41, but the video cuts off at 4 minutes. This is not just on Rumble and YouTube, but also on the new web site.

Glenn Daughenbaugh
Reply to  Chuck Kretzmann
December 17, 2023 7:13 PM

Same here

December 17, 2023 4:26 PM

no problem here

David Pimentel
Reply to  user-789
December 17, 2023 5:35 PM

Are you telling the rest of us that in your corner of the universe, the Rumble video is 14:41 minutes long? If so, then that streaming service has more problems than I previously imagined. Yikes!