Freed from History: Boston Mayor Backs Petition to Take Down Emancipation Memorial

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh backs petition to take down the Emancipation Memorial (also called the Freedman’s Memorial) in Park Square. It’s a statue commemorating President Abraham Lincoln issuing the proclamation that freed Black people from bondage.

Tory Bullock, the young man who started the petition, notes the posture of the freed slave in the public art work: “I would always ask myself, ‘If he’s free, why is he still on his knees?’ No kid should have to ask themselves that question anymore.”

On this Juneteenth, Stephen Green helps Mr. Bullock see the statue for what it is, as the men of Right Angle try to prevent all Americans from being freed from history.

Right Angle with Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle is a production of our Members. Join us today.

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