Did Elon Musk Lock Out Twitter Censors Just Before Midterm Election?

Breaking news gets broken again in America’s favorite ambush journalism show. Topics this week include…

00:16 Facebook has special access site for government officials to target misinformation on Facebook. Is this something fishy?

03:07 The Post Millennial says Twitter (now under Elon Musk ownership) has locked-out internal content monitors, preventing them from censoring information ahead of the midterm elections.

09:14 Glamour Magazine’s Brazil ‘Woman of the Year’ is a male social-media influencer who does not believe women exist.

12:15 Freelance journalist Sheryl Attkisson says the Biden Administration refuses to participate in an Inspector General probe into the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Meanwhile, the FBI cracks down on an author writing a book about it.

15:02 Sister Toldjah at Red State says Democrats are doomed based on new data showing a massive rightward swing among suburban white women in the past two months.  

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