Dem Pollster Wonders: Why Aren’t People Happier?

Limousine Liberal with excessive amounts of disposable income wonders why the Great Unwashed are unable to understand the Miracle of Bidenomics! It’s almost like they are downright ungrateful for what the Progressives have done for the economy!

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Road Rider
December 19, 2023 5:19 PM

Karine Jean-Pierre can spin it, Steve.

David B
December 19, 2023 1:36 PM

Economy will ALWAYS come back. It’s the nature of love for freedom. Politicians will ALWAYS kill it. It’s the nature of the lust for control. The downside is the damage done to hundreds of millions of people, the pain and agony imposed on them by greedy, uncaring, incompetent, failures of politicians who would fail just as badly were they auto mechanics, sewer pumpers, port-a-potty cleaners, or anything else. Trump was good because he has genuine sympathy and love of people. He can sit and drink his diet soda while others have a beer and bbq, and they’d all laugh and… Read more »

Keith Jackson
December 19, 2023 10:27 AM

It happened so fast. My older son bought an inexpensive home in a very good location and has since flipped two and lives in his “forever home” because of significant profits from both. My younger son, 6 years junior, couldn’t find an affordable home to even just get his toes wet in real estate.
Steve is right, the middle class is in trouble. Big trouble. And people aren’t living paycheck to paycheck. They’re living off their credit cards.

Bob Nelson
Reply to  Keith Jackson
December 20, 2023 2:45 PM

What the Dems. have done to the economy and OUR country, not theirs, should be considered a crime. My wife and I have never had a lot of money, but in 2000 we were able to buy our own home, and it felt awesome. In 2015 I had to retire much earlier than I’d planned, and we had to sell our home so we wouldn’t lose it. Now, 8 years later, we’re really having a hard time just paying the bills and the rent. Luckily for us, our kids have been able to help us out when we needed it.… Read more »

Karen Samuel
December 19, 2023 9:45 AM

I don’t believe any President is responsible for actual market prices, but in many ways, he’s responsible for consumer and business confidence in the market. I work in interstate trucking, and my customer base is mostly companies who ship raw materials – steel, lumber, landscape stone, railroad building pieces, and brick. I believe I have a pretty good view of the US economy, and 2023’s money flow in raw materials is way down. Most businesses are holding onto cash – not expanding, buying, or hiring. The outlook is bleak. There aren’t upward projections, there are belt tightening measures and storm… Read more »

December 19, 2023 8:19 AM

You should be grateful for the good things in your life. I am. I’m grateful that my kids grew up to make their own lives with their own families and mostly turned out well, healthy and happy. I’m grateful I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore. I’m grateful for my immediate family in the person of my sister who I get along well with and live very close to. There are a lot of things in my life that I’m grateful for, these are just a few of them. None of the things I’m grateful for have anything to do… Read more »

Susan Fitzgerald
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
December 19, 2023 9:24 AM

It’s true that grateful people are happier than those who are not grateful for the good things in their life. Life is all about choices and not about who is in the White House. Food, housing and gas prices will always go up or down; the key is having enough resources to weather the storm. This means you don’t buy a house or car you can’t afford if that puts you on the edge of living paycheck to paycheck. That also means that you can’t continue to make only minimum wage your whole life or inflation will take a huge… Read more »

Maryanne Sheryka
December 19, 2023 5:12 AM

So that’s why the price of gas is falling. I thought Biden was draining the strategic oil reserve. I’m happy that it’s good old American can do.

Phil Leith
December 19, 2023 5:00 AM

Gas prices….

Presidents have a lot less control over gas prices than people think. That said, presidents can loosen or tighten reins on some of the market forces.

I don’t believe for a moment that gas prices went down because of policies of an administration that openly believes they are far too low.

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Reply to  Phil Leith
December 19, 2023 2:34 PM

It’s been my observation that the President has very little proactive he can do to boost the economy. Obama tried to do that (to make himself look good) and failed miserably. The economy recovered anyway, not because of Obama but in spite of him. The economy is simply too vast and complex to be steered in a positive direction by governmental proactive interventions. It’s not something you can push a button, or dump a trainload of cash somewhere and all of a sudden magically everything is wonderful. Conversely, there’s a lot any particular President can do which will adversely affect… Read more »

Road Rider
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
December 19, 2023 5:00 PM

Covid aside, and I’ll admit that’s a big aside , I noted when the push began to make cheap energy expensive, the chicken breasts at my local market began to climb in price. Same with red meat and pork. When fuel became more expensive, everything climbed in price from food to clothes. Gotta transport em from somewhere to somewhere. Democrats desire to….Kill coal. Kill Oil. Kill clean natural gas. Stop new pipelines. Stop new exploration leases. Push wind, sun and electric vehicles (except Tesla, because… Elon). ACTS you are right on. Take the jackbooted heel off the breaks and get… Read more »

Road Rider
Reply to  Road Rider
December 19, 2023 5:02 PM

it’s an oldie but definately a goodie……Obama years…..

“If I wanted America to Fail” from Free Market America.

Last edited 6 months ago by Road Rider
Reply to  Road Rider
December 20, 2023 4:12 AM

All quite true, I just need to clarify something about Ukraine for anyone who might read this … I suspect that a significant amount, probably approaching 50%, of the cash going to Ukraine is being siphoned off by corruption. Not the actual weapons being shipped there, even the most corrupt among the Ukrainian leadership aren’t stupid enough to sell off the weapons they’re getting. Because they need those weapons to fight Russian AND because that would soon become all too obvious and the flow of weapons would dry up. I’ve been watching for indicators of this and there are some… Read more »

Reply to  Harry Ferguson
December 20, 2023 1:47 PM

Re the intercontinental nukes — I think you may be right about that too but … It bites real hard if not. Best not to risk it. I can’t remember if it was here or somewhere else I was involved in a discussion regarding what to do if Putin pushes his button and nothing happens. If he tries to start a global nuclear war and his stuff doesn’t work, he’s gotta go no matter what it takes. As far as accountability goes, Biden won’t be in the White House forever. Once he’s out, there needs to be some serious investigations… Read more »

Phil Leith
December 19, 2023 4:49 AM

You know, the funny thing is is that really is why most people who are unhappy … a lack of gratitude. But there’s a limit. Gratitude for being continually slapped in the face wears thin, fast. Re: prices falling — she has a LITTLE bit of a point there… inflation … IN GENERAL, happens when people have “more” money than prices are designed for. Once you print up eleventy trillion dollars, it’s really hard to remove those eleventy trillion dollars from the economy. Prices will go up, the “amount” of money stays the same, so prices can’t go down. On… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Phil Leith