COVID-19: How to Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs

With panic sweeping the news media, social media, official Washington D.C., and the toilet paper aisle at the local grocery store, Bill Whittle deals with the taproot of fear. He explodes in righteous indignation against the craven acts of opportunistic politicians. Among Bill’s common sense concepts for escaping bad crisis advice:

  • It’s not a financial issue, it’s a health care issue.
  • Wait until we understand the financial impact before we make irreversible national policy with massive impact on our debt.
  • Make any relief bill directly related to the pandemic and it’s economic impact, rather than passing catch-all legislation that would use the crisis to accomplish redistributive measures Democrats have failed to accomplish to date.
  • Compensate industries for actual losses caused by government action, based on actual accounting. Don’t just hand out money.
  • Vote out politicians who will do anything, anything, anything for power.

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