Courting Kamala: Democrats Find Devious Way to Prevent VP Harris’ 2024 Nomination

Democrats find a devious way to prevent Vice President Kamala Harris from becoming the party’s next presidential nominee — and it’s actually worse for America.

That’s just one of this week’s top stories on Stephen Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round (America’s favorite ambush journalism show).

Other stories include…

  • Takes One to Know One: Chelsea Clinton finds “grifters” on after years of proximity to the reigning champions.
  • VD Better than CRT: Hispanic students, forced to learn Critical Race Theory, would rather have the health class they used to enjoy.
  • Doomsday-Prepper Psaki: White House signals Friday’s jobs report sounds apocalyptic. Press Secretary Jen Psaki pre-massages the dismal numbers, blaming Omicron.
  • Spot the Hip-o-cracy: Neil Young sold half his music catalog to Hipgnosis, owned by Blackstone Group, whose newest senior advisor is the CEO of Pfizer. Mr. Young threatens to yank his tunes from Spotify if they don’t drop podcaster Joe Rogan over Rogan’s controversial interviews about COVID-19, vaccines and the like. (Hat tip: Michael Rectenwald at 

Video above hosted at Rumble.

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