The Stratosphere Lounge

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 53

Recorded on 12/27/13 TSL 53 0:00:00 New teeth, revisits pain from kidney stones & teeth. 0:37:00 Four Yorkshiremen 0:39:05 Putin’s article on securing western civilization

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The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 52

Recorded on 12/19/13 0:00:00 Petula Clarks song, ‘Hi’ to Bill’s Mom 0:05:15 Michael Iceberg the synthesizer artist 0:09:00 Update on BW merchandise, No limits to

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The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 48

Obamacare Dan Ramsey How about this for the end of every “ENIGMA” broadcast: “We now return you to your Federally scheduled programming.” Tell me that’s

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The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 47

Recorded on 11/13/13 THE COMMON SENSE RESISTANCE EDITION! CSR Media / CSR real-world-structure / CSR Administration Andy Schnick Can we like the Tea Party

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