The Virtue Signal

Target: Satanism

It’s amazing to watch how easily the opposition folds when we finally dare to fight back.

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Satanic Music

What else can you call music, media and politics that openly call for the worship of Satan himself?

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The only way to defeat the river of entropy is to swim upstream as hard as you can for as long as you can. And to walk away from that reality is a form of ABDICATION.

Join our elite squad of anti-elitists by becoming a Citizen Producer today:

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Life, Death and Arnold

What, do you suppose, is the one thing that the seemingly fearless, unemotional killing machine known as The Terminator is secretly terrified of?

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What do the Canadian wildfires and the second Trump indictment have in common?

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Virtue Bullying

The rhetoric of the ‘trans rights’ movement and its religious zealots are becoming increasing more violent… and so are some of their actions.

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Fighting Back

Can Donald Trump maintain this winning brand of optimistic playfulness? And could Ronald Reagan — who was the all-time master of it — be able to pull it off in todays much more toxic environment?

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What can we build to match the magnificence of the B-70 Valkyrie?

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Destroying Normal

If you are going to invert society, the entire idea of ‘normal’ has to first be destroyed.

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