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Trump in Poland

The Chicago Tribune claims Donald Trump will never make a historic speech. Bill, Stephen, and Scott Ott analyze President Trump’s speech in Poland.

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Drifting Apart?

How can the country come together if we can’t even agree across the political aisle about the institutions that form the foundation of a civil

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Is Texas turning Purple?

The British paper the Guardian reports more Californians go to Texas, than Texans go to California. For every 5 Californians moving to Texas, 3 Texan

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Preach It Sister

NRA’s Dana Loesch releases an ad for the NRA the left calls controversial. But is it? Steve Green, Steve Ott and Bill Whittle talk about

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Why Not $150 an Hour?

Steve, Scott, and Bill Whittle talk minimum wage and explore the simple question, “Why shouldn’t fast food workers make $150 an hour?”

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Chinese Take-Away

“It’s the government telling you what you ought to do, and when that happens, the government often finds out that people don’t like being told

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