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Mob Violence: The New Democrat Dialogue

In Portland, ‘anti-fascist’ (Antifa) protestors block traffic and hurl insults at drivers. It’s just one of the Left’s increasingly anarchic, often violent, mob protests. The

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Getting Used to Winning!

Winning begets winning! Bill Whittle asks Stephen Green and Scott Ott about the impact, and outcome, of the Kavanaugh confirmation fight on the upcoming midterm

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Flake Looks Like We Feel

Is Jeff Flake the stupidest person in the Senate? Stephen Green asks Bill Whittle and Scott Ott this thoughtful question about the man who stalled

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Surviving the Wokepocalypse

Social Justice Warriors, having exhausted the potential of ‘virtue signaling’, now try ‘positional good’ — a form of competition among the hierarchies of victimhood. Don’t

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Happily Married Millennials

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