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Venezuelans die as Progressives cling to their deadly racist socialism

Venezuelans Die as USA Progressives Cling to Deadly Racist Socialism

As Venezuela collapses, the truth of the deadly effect of socialism is lost on American Progressives who cling to their utopian vision of these proven disastrous ideas. Starvation, rape, forced-prostitution, brutal death — these are not aberrations, but normal consequences of the philosophy of Karl Marx.

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The Last Oscars Ever?

Did You Just Miss Watching the Last Oscars Ceremony Ever?

As Hollywood slides into politically correct irrelevancy, a new wave of content creators, some armed with little more than an iPhone, capture the imagination of the American public. Politics is downstream from culture, and Bill Whittle explains the tectonic shift driven by the democratization of content production.

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Airbus FAIL: How USA Beats Socialism in Air and Space

Airbus cancels the gigantic A380 airliner, while Boeing 747 keeps going strong. SpaceX builds re-launchable rockets, while Arianespace makes them disposable to generate make-work jobs. The aerospace industry provides the perfect parable of how the the USA beats socialism every time.

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CBS News’ Lara Logan: Speaks Truth about News Media Bias

Lara Logan says it’s professional suicide, but speaks truth about news media bias in an interview on the ‘Mike Drop’ podcast with Navy SEAL Mike Ritland. She calls out the overwhelming Left-wing, and anti-Trump, tilt in reporting, and slams journalists who use anonymous government sources.

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Bernie Sanders & AOC: The Young Turks of the DNC

Bernie Sanders announces his 2020 run for the presidency. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sets the Democratic party’s Progressive agenda. And the men of Right Angle rejoice that BS & AOC — the young Turks of the DNC — will carry the banner of socialism against Donald Trump (or whoever the GOP nominee may be.)

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Sen. Booker: If You Like Your Eggs, You Can Keep Your Eggs

Sen. Cory Booker tells VegNews that eating eggs doesn’t “align with his spirit.” He doesn’t want government to regulate your diet. If you like your eggs, you can keep your eggs. He just wants to “nudge America toward fake cheese.” Yet, if we’re going to save the planet, you need to stop eating meat.

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Right Angle: Lightning Round XV

This members-only Lightning Round episode of Right Angle subjects Bill Whittle and Scott Ott to surprise topics ripped from the headlines, and artisanally-curated by Stephen

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